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P-Law Legal Resource Locator Areas Under Construction Advisory

In reviewing the statistics from the Web Server it has become apparent that many people are entering the New York State and Federal Cases and Topical Index of Resources areas of the P-Law service.

Unfotunately, both of these areas have remained "under construction" far longer than was originally contemplated.

The New York State and Federal Cases area has been delayed because of bureaucratic resistance to access to published cases for any entities other than the traditional reporting organizations (West, LCP, New York Law Journal, etc.). In fact, at present, though these services are paid by the Court system to publish these reports, and are then paid by the public to read them, people like ourselves are required to pay the Court for the same access. Present estimates for such pay access exceed $10,000 per year.

We are presently trying to overcome this reticence. It is taking, however, more time and power than we have,as of yet, been able to muster. Hopefully, this situation will rectify itself. Until it does this area of the P-Law Legal Resource Locator will provide links to other sites (such as Cornell's LII) that provide some, if not all, of the desired reports.

The Topical Index of Resources area has been delayed solely because of the daunting amount of work involved in catagorizing, indexing and coding the vast array of material available. Hopefully, this will be done in the near future. If anyone wishes to help in this process, please contact me at the mailto: link below.

Kenneth M. Perry (

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