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Miscellaneous Sites


Law Library Resource Exchange
"Law Library Resource Xchange is a Web publication with a special focus on research, management and technology topics for legal professionals" and is updated twice a month.
Each digital issue features articles, departments and columns with up-to-date information
written by law librarians, attorneys, information specialists and consultants.
ACLU Free Reading Room Gopher
A project of the Public Education Department of the National Office of the American Civil Liberties Union. "The collection includes ... publications on issues of high public interest; the current issue of [their] membership newsletter, Civil Liberties; a growing collection of recent public policy reports and action guides; Congressional voting records for the 103rd Congress; and an archive of news releases from the National Office."
The Gallup Organization
John Makulowich'sAwesome Lists Listings.
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
New York State Criminal Justice Agencies Gopher
Names and addresses for various Criminal Justice Agencies (Law Enforcement, Prosecution and Defense, Courts, Probation Departments, Youth agencies, Correctional Facilities, and Parole Departments).
Spies' Library
A collection of information and documents relating to law (and other interesting topics in other directory(s)) is avaiilable at spies.com.
Vera Institute of Justice
West's Legal Directory
A WAIS based searcher for information about "675,000 profiles of law firms and branch offices, and biographical records of attorneys." Unfortunately the syntax for the search is somewhat confusing.
The John Marshall Law School
While the range of law related information sites is not as broad as that included elsewhere, the inclusion, at this site, of general (non-law related) reference sites makes this page a useful stop for any research project.
Find Law, Internet Legal Resources
An exhaustive compendium of links covering a wide variety of legal research sites and topics.
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