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Multi-Catagory Reference Sites

Central Michigan University - Judiciary Information Server
An indexed format providing links to various Internet sites dealing with various Legal Disciplines ( Constitutional, Administrative,Environmental, Disability, Health, Intellectual Property, Technology, Commercial, Criminal, Tax and Finance & Business), as well as a searchable base of Supreme Court decisions from 1989 - 1993.
Cornell Law School
One of the most comprehensive Legal Research Sites available. You can access their main page above or, for more specific subjects, choose one of the blow listed areas:
Hyper-text Sup Ct decisions:
Information on Members of the Sup.Ct.
e-mail addresses for faculty/staff at US Law Schools:
NY Ct of Appeals Decisions (Hypertext)
UCC (Hypertext)
Vera Institute WWW Server
Census Bureau Internet Site
Legal Topic Index to Material
Legal Information Source Index to Material
Emory University School of Law "Electronic Reference Desk"
At the "Electronic Reference Desk" there is a wealth of information on a wide range of subjects. One unique, though not necessarily law-related, feature is the Software Library containing software for Unix, Mac and Windows platforms.
Indiana University
Indiana University's law-related hypertext resources. Much like Cornell's LII site, supra, this site links to many other legal resources.
WWW Virtual Library Subject Index - national and international sites catagorized by topic and source
Environmental Law
LawTalk Internet Law Radio Shorts
The Legal Domain Network - Chicago-Kent College of Law
While this source was originally listed, due to its read only, searchable, access to law related USENET news groups under the Specialized Topic Sites category, it has been moved to the MultiCategory Reference Site in consideration of its subject oriented research ability covering a wide variety of legal disciplines, as well as links to several Other Legal Resource Outlines.
Rutgers University School of Law
While this site is actually run out of the Justice Henry E. Ackerson Law Library and, therefore, initially deals with information on access to, and use of, that library, there is also a fairly complete set of linkages to national and international legal resource servers spanning a host of different disciplines.
United Nations Criminal Justice Network (UNCJN)
LCC LawLinks
Includes a list of WWW resources organized by practice areas.
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