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Specialized Topic Sites

Advertising Law Internet Site
Including FTC policy statements, advertising guides and trade regulation rules,
consumer advisory bulletins and a link to LII's materials on trademark, patent and
copyright law.
Federal Register
Federal Government compilation of Table of Contents to the Federal Register
"Legal Care for your Software"
The full thirteen chapters of the book inslcuding hypertext links to the table of
contents and footnotes.
Iowa State University -ADA Information
Providing links to various gopher, web and ftp sites for information and
documentation regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The Legal Domain Network - Chicago-Kent College of Law
Allowing "read-only" access to law related USENET news groups with the capability
of pursuing topical/word searches.
Multi-Laterals Project - Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
A wide variety of multilateral conventions are available at this site.
STO's Internet Patent Search System
A searchable database of patents and patent information.
Univ. of Cincinnati Center for Corporate Law
"This is the World Wide Web server of The Center for Corporate Law at the
University of Cincinnati College of Law. It is the intention of the Center that this
server will contain electronic data that will assist lawyers in the practice of corporate
and securities law. The initial data offered will consist of the text of the federal
securities laws and their accompanying rules and forms. "
University of Maryland Government Gopher Server
Gopher Menu for Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, as well as other US Government Gophers, the Federal Register and Commerce Business Daily. The Judicial Branch Section includes biographical listing for the justices, plus a complete listing of cases since 1990.
US Deptartment of Justice Antitrust Division Home Page
The Department Of Justice's Antitrust Gopher including information about current cases and links source material with regard to Antitrust Law.
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