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P-Law Offering Internet Connection

P-Law is in the process of changing over to a discrete domain (p-law.com). Although our virtual address will be changing, our commitment to providing top-quality service to our visitors stays the same. Thus we will continue to inter-act with the net on a T-1 line and will continue to maintain constant supervision of our connection to provide uninterrupted service.

As part of this "in-the-works" change and the addition of all the hardware and software that such a change involves, P-Law is now in the position of being able to offer Internet Access for businesses and individuals.

Starting at the beginning of March, 1995, P-Law will offer dial-up shell accounts for full internet access via a series of area code (212) numbers.

The cost for such service has not, as of yet, been finalized but is scheduled to be approximately $ 150.00 per year. This price will include 4 hours per day of full internet access plus 5 Megs of disk storage. It will also include mail, news, telnet, ftp, gopher, WWW, IRC, TIA (providing a graphical interface to the net at no extra cost), Mosaic and many other net services.

While we do not plan, at this time, to be immediately offering SLIP/PPP access to the Net, we can arrange same for you at equally significant savings.

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