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Since its inception in 1995 the response to the P-Law Legal Resource Locator has been overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who has visited P-Law and all those who have offered their comments, suggestions and encouragement.

As P-Law continues to grow we will be offering other services which we hope will be of use not only to the Legal Professionals among us, but, also, to those who service the legal profession and those for whom the Legal Profession exists to service - society at large.

For information about the author of the P-Law Legal Resource Locator visit Kenneth M. Perry's Home Page.

What's New at P-Law:
P-Law offers Home Pages and WWW service
P-Law offers Internet Connection
P-Law Guest Book introduced
P-Law Fun Pages introduced - because everybody has to relax sometimes.

What's New at P-Law Legal Resource Locator:

New Listings and Features Page (1/30/95)

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