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Penal Law for the Palm Pilot (DocsToGo Format) (Penal_Law1.PDB, 1016 KB) only usable with DocsToGo. Although it should load through the install tool testing indicates that it works with less trouble using the DocsToGo desktop application.
Penal Law for the Palm Pilot (E-Book Format)    (PL.pdb, 367 KB) - bookmarks did not convert 
Penal Law for the Palm Pilot (E-Book HTML Format) (PL2.pdb, 727 Kb).  Should work with any html formatted viewer (e.g. Iambic, ISilo, etc.)
Current Legal News
New York Law Journal (
Cornell Legal Information Institute "liibulletin-ny" (
Legal Research
Buffalo Criminal Law Center - New York State Criminal Offenses (



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